5 Site Development Tips for Property Owners

5 Site Development Tips for Property Owners

5 Site Development Tips for Property Owners

Finding the right land is an essential part of building your dream home. Then, once you find the perfect plot, the real work begins. Most people think this process is out of reach or too difficult, but site development in Flagler Beach isn't as complicated as it sounds. Follow these tips for developing your site:

Find a company that offers free site evaluation

Many site development companies offer free site evaluations to help you understand the costs of developing your property to fit your specific needs. Keep in mind that, ultimately, your total project cost includes land, site development, and building costs.

Ask questions about your land

It is helpful to inquire with the county or city about your land to see if there are any special restrictions in place before hiring a developer. Most experienced professionals will agree that property owners who take the time to research their property before buying it are often in a much better position when it comes time for development. There is nothing worse than purchasing a piece of land to build your home, only to discover later that it is zoned only for commercial use. In cases like this, you will likely do best to sell the plot to someone else and begin your search again.

Explore your DIY capabilities

Site development is one of the areas of property ownership where you have the most significant opportunity for building value. The more work you can manage independently, the more money you will keep in your pocket at the end of the process. You create a greater value by reducing overall costs by paying for permits and handling as much of the work as possible.

Get expert bids

You need to hire professionals for the areas you cannot handle independently. Development professionals have working relationships with septic installers, well drillers, excavators, and other essential services that can assist with providing an accurate bid. Covering all your bases ensures that you have considered all the necessary requirements to make your project successful.

Handle utilities first

When developing the site for your new home, utilities should come first. Aside from getting permits in place, utilities will take up the most time. First, get an excavator to trench from the water/power source to your building site. Then you need a plumber and an electrician to set your piping, wiring, and conduit. Next, the city/county will come green tag it at the request of your electrician. Finally, you will call the utility company to turn on your power and have the excavator return to cover the trenching.

Follow these expert tips for developing your property. First, have your site evaluated and find out about your land from your city or county. Then explore your DIY capabilities and get expert bids for anything you can’t do on your own. Finally, tackle utilities first, so you have plenty of power to build your brand-new home.

Call us today if you need site development in Flagler Beach. We have the experience and expertise to guide you through the development process and ready your land for your dream home.

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